This is a cow - It is very popular in Lumbridge.

Cows are low leveled NPCs and are mostly famous for low-leveled players to train on.


They have 8 hp and are easy to kill. It is recommended for low level players to have food to not lose their items and coins! They sell for 200-210 each. Making an inventory 5600 - 5880 . People usually use their cowhides for either skilling (crafting - tanning) or selling them at the The Varrock West Bank.

Easy ways to make money from the cowhideEdit

  1. The "Lumbridge Method" - You get a full inventory of cowhides, and run to the Lumbridge Castle Bank. This will make about 20k/hour and is an excellent method to make money for low leveled players.
  2. Skilling - (Crafting): People usually craft the cowhides for leather armour for ranging.
  3. Tanning - People tan the cowhides for leather in Al Kharid, making them good methods of money. (But you must have 1gp in order to tan)


Cows always drop:

  1. Bones (granting 4 prayer xp to player while burying.)
  2. Raw beef
  3. Cowhide (sold for 200-210 at the Varrock Big Bank (West Bank)


The examination of a cow is: "Beefy" because they drop raw beef.