Ferrari's Guide to 91/99 Rc in '07 rs:

This is a guide on how to get 91/99 runecrafting on the 07 servers (mid detailed).

--------------------------------------- + means you should do this now (before starting with Rc)
~ means you can do this later

I. Preparing:

1. Getting a bit Cash for fishing +
- Woodcutt some Trees, sell the logs
- Kill Goblins, sell the loot

(There may be alot better ways^^)

2. Getting food +
- Fish some shrimps, cook them (in Draynor, just Cutt a normal tree to cook them)
- At lvl 5 buy a fishing rod and fish in the sea in Draynor some sardines
- When you reach lvl 20 buy some Feathers and a fly fishing rod. Go to the barbarian village
and fish some trouts. Cook them and run to the western bank of Varrock.

3. Training Combat +
- At Cows for Crafting
- Later on at Water Elementals

You will have to do this, if you want to get the pouches and talismans (and you'll need a Fire and a Nature
one).   {| |4**** 26 Herblore for Energy Pots +:

Starting Elemental Workshop I:
You will need:
- 20 Mining (mine tin and copper)
- 20 Smithing (easily done after mining)
- 20 Crafting (kill cows, sell some leather at the General Store and tan the rest.
Use it with a Needle and Strings (Al Kharid Craftshop) to make Leather stuff :p)

Getting Vials, Eyes of Newt, Chocolate Dust and Herbs:
- Vials of Water are dropped by Water Elementals (cb 35). You can find them
in the northern room of the Elemental Workshop.
- Herbs are also dropped by Water Elementals
- Eyes of Newt from the Port Sarim Magic Shop
- Chocolate Dust can be made by using a knife with a chocolate bar. A knife can be bought in
the General Store. Chocolate Bars can be bought in the Ardougne Bakery Stall (100) and in
Wydin's Food Store.

Collect EVERY Herb you'll get off the water elementals

- Make Attack Potions from Lv 1-26 (Guam + Vial of Water + Eye of Newt)
In total you'll have to make 350 (cleaning Guam not included).

- After getting lv 26 you can now make Energy Pots (Harralander + Vial of Water + Chocolate

Buy Chocolate Bars daily.

5. Getting Pouches ~
- Complete the Miniquest Abyss (you'll get a small pouch)
- Go in the Abyss and kill the monsters, untill you have all the talismans and pouches,
that you want. This might take a while.

6. Mining Essence +
- Complete the Quest for Runecrafting (you will get an air talisman)
- Mine around 10k Essence

7. Getting a Fire Talisman +
- Depending on your Combat you can kill the abyssalcreatures
- Or Fire Wizards (north-east of Rimmington) |}

8. Acces to best Route for Nature Runes ~

Because we all start from scratch, there won't be that many glorys,
which makes the abyss at first really useless.
So it took me really one hour to find a nice way to make Nature Runes
efficient. Because the main problem is, that we won't have that many Law
Runes at the beginning, so most teleports won't work.The main problem of this
way is basically that you need Fairy Tale I + Fairy Tale II started.

So the Questrequirements are:
- 31 Crafting
- 36 Woodcutting
- 10 Prayer (optional)

You need to complete the following Quests:
- Druidic Ritual
- Jungle Potion
- Lost City
- The Restless Ghost
- Priest in Peril
- Nature Spirit
- Fairy Tale I
- Fairy Tale II (started)

You might think that completing Lost City is enough, but you are wrong. The Problem is
basically, that the way without Fairy Magic is extremly long.

II. Training

As we all know Summoning doesn't exist yet. But the Abyss does (Hell yeah ).


1-14. Craft Air Runes (with a Talisman):
After 16 inventories you should be Lv 14.
With a small pouch you should be Lv 14 after 15 trips.
Bank at Varrock West.

14-44. Craft Fire Runes (with Talisman):
After 284 inventories you should be Lv 44.
Bank at Al Kharid

If you use pouches you will need:
14 - 25: 29 Trips (only small pouch)
25 - 44: 200 Trips (small + medium pouch)
Total : 229 Trips

You can use Tiaras aswell.

Untill you are able to make Nature Runes you will need: 8071 Rune Essence.

I wouldn't use pouches because you always have to run in the abyss
to repair them.

44 - 91/99. Craft Nature Runes

So this are the steps to a succesfull round of Nats Rc:
1. You wanna stay in Zanaris' bank. There you will fill your invi and pouches.
2. You will run to the Fairy Ring in Zanaris, there you will type in CKR.
3. You are now near the Altar, just run a bit north and then east and you'll be there.
4. Craft your runes.
5. Run back to the Fairy Ring near Shilo Village, where you came from
6. Tele back to Zanaris, bank there.

If your pouches degrade, then:

1. Fill your invi and pouches in Zanaris bank.
2. Go to the Fairy Ring and type in DKR.
3. You are now near Edgeville, run over the bridge which is west.
4. Now run north untill you find the Zamorak Mage.
5. Right Click him, and let him tele you.
6. Now you are in the abyss, get in the inner Circle.
7. Run to the middle, where the Dark Mage is.
8. Talk to him and let him repair your pouches.
9. Now run to the Nature Spot in the Abyss and make the Runes.
10. Leave the altar and run back to the Fairy Ring which is west of Shilo Village
11. Tele back to Zanaris and bank

This is how easy it is .

Now the last thing I wanna talk about is the Setup.
You should take with you a nature tiara (best) or a talisman.
- Take with you all the pouches that you have
- Wear Boots of Lightness
- Dont forget your Dramen staff
I know that there are the Hunter Capes and the Agility Clothes that also
reduce your weight, but It would take too long to get that. Time = Rc XP.
- Also wear a pickaxe, the best that you can
- May take food with you, when you repair the pouches

An alternative way is to only use the abyss with fairy rings. But this will probably take longer.
There you just wanna take the 2 Route (pouchrepairing) everytime. They might be people in the Wild
killing you, because getting the stats and Quests takes i would say around a Week and a half, maybe 2 Weeks.

Trips needed from 44-91 Rc with all Pouches and my inventory setup (with Tiara):
lv 50: 150 Trips (Large Pouch available now)
lv 70: 1683 Trips (Giant Pouch available now)
lv 91: 10829 Trips
Total: 12662 Trips

Trips needed from 44-91 Rc without Pouches and my inventory setup (with Tiara):
lv 91: 24063 Trips

Trips needed from 44-99 Rc with all Pouches and my inventory setup (with Tiara):
lv 50: 150 Trips (Large Pouch available)
lv 70: 1683 Trips (Giant Pouch available)
lv 99: 26276 Trips
Total: 28109 Trips

Trips needed from 44-99 Rc without Pouches and my inventory setup (with Tiara):
lv 99: 53411 Trips
Please use Pouches o.O
If this guide has some mistakes in it, or there are better methods, please tell it me. I will correct it as soon as I can.

I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Austria (Schwarzenegger).
U will need around 1,45M Essence.

Happy Runecrafting