Pyrefiend_icon.pngPyrefiends are Slayer monsters that require level 30 Slayer to kill. They are the weaker elemental cousin of the waterfiend, but stronger than some icefiends except the ones at Ghorrock Fortress. Also, they have very similar drops to those of lesser demons and harpie bug swarms, and are notable for their relatively high drop rate for level 2 clue scrolls.


  • Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Fairy ring code A-J-R) (When entering the dungeon, there is a direct shortcut to them, that requires 81 Agility to jump across a chasm.)
  •  Ghorrock Fortress.

Strengths & Weaknesses.Edit

The Pyrefiend's attack is a magic-based melee attack. This means that its accuracy is based on your magic defence, so it is highly recommended that you wear dragonhide or other Ranged armour so you take less damage from them. Note that Protect from Magic does not negate its attack but Protect from Melee does, although in some cases, it can hit through your prayer (max of 22, so it halves all damage dealt to players). The level 43 pyrefiends can hit a max of 44 life points, and the level 48s can hit a max of 50. Despite their level, they have higher accuracy than many other monsters of a similar level, so food is recommended for lower levelled players. It is also recommended that you either mage or range them, since they have moderate melee defence due to being mage monsters. Pyrefiends are weak against bolts. Use of the Defence abilities work well, especially Resonance. Note that you can not use a dwarf multicannon while killing pyrefiends in the Slayer Dungeon.





Ashes 1 Always
Fire rune 30, 60, 90 Common
Chaos rune 12 Common
Law rune  1 Uncommon
Death rune 3 Uncommon
Steel full helm 1 Common
Staff of fire 1 Common
Steel Axe 1 Common
Steel battleaxe 1 Uncommon
Steel arrow 1 Uncommon
Mithril chainbody 1 Uncommon
Steel boots 1 Rare
Adamant helm 1 Rare

10, 40, 100, 120, 200, 240,

320, 400, 446, 450, 474

Gold ore 1 Common
Jug of Wine 1 Uncommon
Clue Scroll (Lvl-2)(Medium)